About Us

Brage by ÉSTIE is a Scandinavian clothing boutique dedicated to men.
The people of the Nordic countries differ in both mentality and constitution from the inhabitants of Southern Europe, from where, however, most of the world's luxury brands come from. Our mission is to provide residents of the Baltic and Nordic countries with a range of products that will suit them.

We want our clients to have products suitable for the seasons of our climate. When it is still chilly on the streets in mid-April, you can find a light jacket on the racks of our store and not just summer T-shirts and swimming trunks. Restrained and calm nature characterizes the inhabitants of the north. That is why you can find so many products in pastel and neutral colors from our store. We understand that the inner world is much more important than the outer one and therefore it should be the focus of attention.

All products listed in our store claim the status of premium and high class. We are in personal acquaintance with the representatives of the Brands and we know the materials from which the goods are made, as well as the production technology. Therefore the quality of the goods won't cause any issues and the price is corresponding. The range will constantly expand as many Brands are interested to be represented in our store, so keep yourself informed.

Visit us at T1 Mall of Tallinn or Foorum Keskus
About the brands we represent:

The Scandinavian Fashion House J.Lindeberg was founded in Stockholm in 1996 with the vision to build an international brand for modern and aware consumers. The company bridges sport and fashion, fusing the sharp silhouettes from fashion with the functionality from activewear. Offering products fro aware consumers leading a contemporary, active lifestyle. The collections consist of products for men with a focus on fashion, activewear, golf wear, and ski wear.

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Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul’s are athletic urban style shoes for both men and women, founded in 2013. UP is an Estonian brand that makes you a shoe with a character.

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Björn Borg

Our products are just as long lasting as the memory of the tennis legend Björn Borg's deeds, as breathtaking as his play and as eye-catching as his records.

UBR’s design is based upon a reflection of what modern executives should demand from their overcoat when they commute or travel, where often relatively short distances can mean large changes in climate and temperature. 

Historically, people who could afford the best tended to buy certain brands of overcoats, some of which became not only trade names but generic national or even world names. 

Every epoch had their style leaders, based on available fabrics and technology.

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Sebastian Frost
In 2009 Sebastian launched His first watch design and regularly release new collections. He designs jewelry and watches in much the same way: clean, simple and straight Scandinavian lines while playing with polished and sanded surfaces. A watch created by a goldsmith, wearable at any occasion- even in the ocean, combining swiss movement with Danish design and sapphire glass. Ultra-thin and comfortable.
Nõberu of Sweden


Nõberu of Sweden was born from an idea for a comprehensive brand for men who stand out from the crowd. Our products don’t smell like pine needles, nor are they promoted in advertisements with naked women. We are dedicated to more than selling good products – we want to change the market and society’s perceptions of men’s beauty care. We are dedicated to creating a world in which men don’t have to be tough, severe or macho if they don’t want to be.

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Our production strategy is mostly focused on unique custom-made pieces. We use time-honored craft techniques for our one-of-a-kind fur products, to ensure luxurious, rich and soulful products. The strict regulations set for obtaining the raw materials means that our line of products also consists of limited edition items.

Our individual products truly come with the WARMEST OF EMOTIONS.

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The Eton shirt is precisely crafted from some of the world’s finest fabrics. Choose from our four different collections to find a shirt that fits your style as well as the occasion.

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Tuul wants to make natural a new standard in men’s cosmetics by offering organic and effective everyday personal care products for men who think crosswind. Tuul is a family business that was established in 2016 in Estonia with a mission to simplify men’s life. Naturality has been the brands DNA since day one.

Tuul [Estonian] = Wind [English]

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Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden Men Spring/Summer is a tribute to the spirit of always being on the move. Touching upon inner journeys as well as outer travel, this collection is about freedom, movement, and adventure. It features essential summer looks as well as tailoring classics, updated for a season of exploration and play.

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ÉSTIE is a new luxury: craftsmanship and creativity merge into unique and unrepeatable. 

First collection which translates its love of travel and culture in the production of fine fabrics, using noble natural materials with innovative designs. In the Nordics, ÉSTIE becomes synonymous with fashion ready to wear especially for men. 

The collections are exclusive and they are distinguished by the originality of materials, quality, processing, and printing.

To ensure the highest quality, all our products are made in-house, where modern technologies are combined with handcrafted techniques. Our every product is born by the hands of the best craftsman in the Nordics. It will ensure that we can offer the best possible quality our customers truly deserve.

No product leaves the studio without going through a thorough quality control process, meaning we can really truly pride ourselves having impeccable constructions and finishing. Little details, big difference.

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