Creating a new concept, we proceeded from the idea that every client who comes to our boutique deserves the best price-quality ratio. That every customer needs an individual approach and service. That is why for each brand we created the  unique shop-in-shop concept, in which the story of the creation of the brand is told, the technology of manufacturing products is revealed and the ideas of designing specific collections are exposed. 


Brands in our boutique were selected based on the region in which we are located and the values ​​that they promote.
Many of them are close to our worldview.
We would like to promote these values ​​in our market and in society as a whole.
- The soul prevails over appearance.
- Innovative fabrics and new sewing technologies. Responsible production.
- A fusion of fashion and comfort. 

All brands are top notch. They have established themselves over the years in the market and have won the love of the audience with their reliability and purity of design.

All brands are top notch. They have established themselves over the years in the market and have fallen in love with the local public for their reliability and purity of design.


Our sports corner is dedicated to sports that our client will appreciate, namely sports that have the most positive effect on the human body and not traumatizing it.

Among them: field sports, Nordic walking, golf, tennis / paddle, CrossFit, running and fitness.

Matching the above, main products are multi-functional sports clothing, stretching fabrics of cotton and wool, running shoes, as well as accessories such as golf clubs and paddle rackets.


In the middle of our store we have a 360-degree bar and a relaxation area where we offer drinks and food. Accompanied by pleasant music and an atmosphere of dim light, you step back from the bustle of the shopping center and immerse yourself in a completely different atmosphere, where time flows in its own way, and the companion open in a new way.

The menu will be constantly expanding, so any feedback left will be taken into account.




In addition to fashion, we also want to contribute to the world of culture in general. We constantly support cultural figures, whether they are athletes, singers, artists or photographers.

That is why one of the decisions made was to offer our clients also attributes of art such as paintings, sculptures and books. In fact, every square meter of space is filled for a reason and brings additional value for everyone who comes in.


Clothing is primarily just clothes, but this does not mean that its functions are limited on this.