ÉSTIE is a new luxury
Craftsmanship and creativity merge into unique and unrepeatable. First collection which translates its love of travel and culture in the production of fine fabrics, using noble natural materials with innovative designs. In the Nordics, ÉSTIE becomes synonymous with fashion ready to wear especially for men. The collections are exclusive and they are distinguished by the originality of materials, quality, processing, and printing.
The ÉSTIE adventure began on Müürivahe street, a busy yet small street whose location in the heart of Tallinn made it the main thoroughfare once used by the aristocracy. The brand strengthened its heart which was confirmed when Samuel, Hains, Andrei, and Alex decided to get involved in the business bringing new energy and ideas. Back then it was clear - there will be great things ahead. Nicknamed the four sharks, it was they who, in 2018, invited a young Estonian designer to join the House.
From the very beginning, we’ve sourced the world and handpicked only the best and most durable materials. The genuine leather used for bags, briefcases, and accessories is carefully selected and comes from the best tanneries of Italy. It's important for us to offer our clients the best possible experience as our products have the highest quality materials possible.
Carbon Embossed Genuine Leather
A material that used to be a signature of ÉSTIE. The carbon embossed leather is produced in Italy and the cow leather is specially treated to give it a carbon fiber effect. As a material it's lightweight and hardwearing, making it perfect for travel. 
The lining material of our bags. Every single product of ÉSTIE is lined with super soft microsuede, a material specifically developed to be durable and water & stain resistant.
To ensure the highest quality, all our products are made in-house, where modern technologies are combined with handcrafted techniques. Our every product is born by the hands of the best craftsman in the Nordics. It will ensure that we can offer the best possible quality our customers truly deserve.
No product leaves the studio without going through a thorough quality control process, meaning we can really truly pride ourselves having impeccable constructions and finishings. Little details, big difference.