Sebastian Frost

My idea of the personal timepiece-
Imagine you are addicted to a watch and now have the possibility to call the creator in person and find out of which of his designs will suit exactly your style…
My vision is, that here you must be able to have the possibility to make the choice and the buying of a Sebastian Frost watch to a personal connection between the new owner and the designer of those limited timepieces.
Ever since I first visited the Swiss watch manufacturer, IWC back in the 1990s, I have been fascinated by timepieces. I have always known that at some point, I wanted to design and create my own watches, applying my skills and experiences from the jewelry design to the timepieces. In 2009 I launched my first collection - the limited classic collection, which is characterized by very thin, classic watches with Swiss movement and sapphire glass. I want the look of the watch to tell that this is a handmade piece done by a goldsmith. I attach great importance to using the same material throughout to obtain a uniformity that allows the details to stand